Friday, July 6, 2007

Staging on the Navajo Nation - Utah Tour

Matt started his bike tour on Sunday, July 1 at Bitter Spring in northern Arizona. Follow along here for daily updates on his progress through Utah and points beyond. Will he make it all the way to Washington?

Pre-Ride Preparations

We had a relaxing night before the tour started, camping among the cinders at Sunset Crater just north of Flagstaff.
Sunset Crater camping

Matt fueled up on pasta, pesto sausage, and giant zucchini (!).
Mmm, dinner

And yes, the crater really is lit up by the sunset.
Sunset Crater

The next morning we headed up to Bitter Spring, just past The Gap (the town, not the mall store), at the junction of highways 89 and 89A. We found a nice shady spot to stage Matt's bike loading at an empty jewelry stand.
89A staging spot

This is last time for a while the bike can be picked up easily.
Unloaded bike, easy to pick up!

Fully loaded, it weighs about 90 pounds.
Fully loaded

After he was all ready, laden with food (except the Nectar bars he forgot), water (not enough!), and all his gear, Matt headed out to drop down to the Colorado River. His destination was Jacob Lake near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, up on the Kaibab Plateau.
Heading out

Here's a link to a map of map's progress for the first week. Zoom in to view the towns he has stayed in along the way. I'll be updating the map daily over the next week.
Route Map July 1 - 6
Down to the river

Please check out my personal website, Tour Tales, for more bike touring fun.

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