Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 10 - Questa - Junebug campground

Matt had a great time relaxing at Jack and Heidi's. He only rode about 10 miles today, to another really nice campground.

The 90-pound steed

Wow, this is a short post to go along with the short ride!

Day 10 – 13 miles, 1:13, 10.4 AVG


Had a very relaxing time in Questa, lots of good eating and TV watching and playing with Avery. Left late today to travel a short distance up the Enchanted Circle highway. I finally made it! Pretty cool so far, narrow canyon with jagged red/orange outcroppings not too unlike Cave Creek in the Chiricahuas. I camped near the rushing Red River, watched the fly fishermen that seem to be everywhere in New Mexico and had some leftover stew for dinner (thanks again, Jack!). I think from here on out I’ll be taking it easier on the bike and focus on staying in these mountains for the rest of the trip.

Must have spent too much time inside today – no new birds!

Junebug Campground

Yawn, another bike picture


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