Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 2 - Hannagan Meadow, AZ to Reserve, NM

Matt called tonight from the RV park in Reserve. He had showered and shaved and was feeling pretty good.

It rained a lot during the day and he had to seek shelter a few times. We couldn't talk long, because he was on his cell phone and it was a pretty bad connection. He'll call again tomorrow from a pay phone to fill me in on more details.

Here's a link to today's route map.

Day 2 – 69 miles, 4:53, 14.1 AVG

I made it to New Mexico

The day broke crystal clear in the mountains. Located spots of sun in the forest to dry things out. No more rain last night, but rain almost all day today. From Alpine on I was constantly catching up to the storm. Waited about an hour and a half at a RV park right outside Alpine under a carport ramada thing as the skies opened up again.

Hiding under the carport

Through on and off rain showers, finally dropped down from the firs and spruce, through the pines and into the pinyon/juniper (PJ). Made it Reserve, NM to find out the RV park in town no longer exists. Seven miles farther and I am now at Apache RV park in Cruzville. Showered and shaved and actually drying some clothes in a dryer! Been very wet last two nights.

All the “locals” here came out to watch me pitch the tent, ask me the standard tour questions, and blocked my site so no one would drive through it during the night. Manny gave me a beer (Miller Lite never tasted so good!).

I’m hiding here in the laundry room waiting to see what the latest storm is going to do. Some pretty mean lightning out there. Very handy to have this room to store my stuff in over night.

Barn Swallow - Great Blue Heron - Western Bluebird - House Sparrow
Mourning Dove - Yellow Eyed Junco - Western Wood Pewee
Western Meadowlark - Rufous Hummer - Eurasian Collared Dove

My parking spot and laundry room

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