Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day 1 - Bitter Spring, AZ to Jacob Lake, AZ

Quote of the Day: "I'm getting too old for this!"

July 1 was 55 miles from the drop off point up to Jacob Lake. Representing with his Arizona socks, Matt reported that the first 14 miles down into Marble Canyon at the Colorado River were a blast.
Arizona pride

Next, he rode by the Vermilion Cliffs where there was no shade to rest in. Running out of water, he finally found a sign casting some shade where he could pause for a bit. Luckily, some friendly RV'ers stopped nearby and replenished his water supply.

Vermillion Cliffs in the distance
Vermilion Cliffs in background. Please click for larger, uncropped versions of any photos in this blog.

After that he continued over the brutal rollers leading to the plateau. The final climb was 14 miles and took about 2-1/2 hours! At the "Jacob Lake .5 miles" sign, Matt had to take another rest. Not having eaten enough, and suffering with a pinky toe that "felt like it had been hit with a hammer" had caught up to him.

He finally made it to Jacob Lake and rolled up to a cafe. When he inquired if there was any place else to eat nearby, Matt was told that there was another restaurant only 30 miles away back down off the plateau! Hungry and tired, Matt set up camp at a nearby RV park and made his own meal. Why carry all that food if you're not going to eat it?

Tomorrow -- Utah!

Update! Matt's journal and photos

Day 1 – July 1 Bitter Springs to Jacob Lake 57.5 miles, 5:31, 10.4 avg

Elizabeth left me to fry in the desert heat, no shade. Not in shape, running (ran) out of H2O. RVers spared some H2O for climb that didn’t end soon enough. Where’s the lake? RV park down dirt road, where else? First night in tent, very nice. Shower. People from Texas.

Navajo Bridge
(Please click any photo to see a larger version)

despair Hiding behind the infamous shade sign

Marble Canyon- Click for uncropped version

Satellite map of July 1 route

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