Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 2 - Jacob Lake to Glendale, Utah

Quote of the Day: "I'm the King of the RV Parks on this tour."

Day 2 was much easier than the first day. Towns on route included Fredonia, Arizona and Orderville, Utah. The promised land of Utah offered a tailwind and an RV park full of friendly travelers out for the long holiday week. Matt's route for the next few days will take him through the farmlands of central southern Utah.

Still having fun

Map of Day 2 route.

Day 2 – Jacob Lake to Glendale, UT
65.2 miles, 4:49, 13.5 avg

A perfect day on tour! I am now in heaven, a place called Bauer’s RV Park, Glendale. Napping and lounging in the shady orchard with the stray cats and Western Bluebirds. Free shower and a shave! Jim Morrison would call this a day of living (for the living). I am alive. I have experienced the low dread of yesterday to reach the high of life today. Amazing descent from the North Rim to a cruise along the Virgin.

jacob Historic Jacob Lake ranger station

Utah! from the North Rim - Click for much better version

Kanab's finest!

A little slice of Heaven in Glendale, UT

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