Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 9 & 10 - Hayden Pass to Evanston, Wyoming

Quote of the Day: "I'm in Wyoming. There's sagebrush and cowboy hats everywhere."

Matt spent the night of July 9 in the Uinta Mountains. He camped next to a creek, and enjoyed seeing red squirrels and even marmots! It was an idyllic mountain paradise.

Evanston, a "party town" according to one Utah local, was not as impressive. His camp site was at a "crappy" RV park with no shade, situated next to a warehouse and car wrecking yard. Getting to Evanston wasn't easy either. The headwind was so strong, he felt like he could barely move the pedals for the last 10 miles.

Making the best of it, Matt enjoyed a "very so so" meal at Don Pedro's Mexican Food restaurant. At least the chips and salsa were pretty good!

Day 9 – Heber to Cobblerest campground on Mirror Lake Scenic Hwy
42.0 miles, 3:35, 11.7 avg

Feeling no power today after yesterday’s efforts. People at ACE set me up to fix rack. Wasted time going backward to Ranger Station (one in Kamas much better). Climb up to top of dam was short and brutal, took a lot out of me. Little climb up to Francis really brutal (>10%). Kamas was cool little town, had lunch at local deli/cafĂ© where the cool kids work. Lots of kids in these small towns are “punk”. Dyed hair, piercings and cool clothes all the way. And they’re only like 14, or at least they look 14. Is that legal in Utah?

Heading up Hwy 150 (click for larger version)

So, headed out Hwy 150, and it’s not so bad. Ups and downs with a tailwind even. But just not feeling it today. Struggling. Amazing scenery though. Big peaks, big valleys, running water everywhere. I actually rode with someone for about 6 miles! This took my mind off the pain and actually picked my pace up a bit. Dave from SLC is up for a few days of relaxing (by riding to the top of the pass!). We had a good talk about touring, le Tour, etc. He was buff, so I let him take off as I stopped at Cobblerest, cuz the next campground is 7 miles and 1000ft higher. So, I guess I’m half way up. Right in the middle of 4000ft of climbing in about 35 miles. No water here, but the really nice hosts went down to the last campground and brought me up 5 gallons! I guess I'm too lazy to use that water filter, but 5 gallons! I didn't have the strength to pump that! Awesome. Scenery supposed to get really good tomorrow.

"My" creek at Cobblerest camp

My life spread over the Cobblerest site (click for magnified view of my junk)

Day 10 – Cobblerest to Evanston, WY
63.2 miles, 4:47, 12.7 avg

Very strange right now in the Evanston RV park. Sketchy people, ugly place. Kinda wished I stayed in a motel. I miss Utah already! Had a really fun day in the mountains, though. The higher I went, the big peaks came into view. Bald Mtn pass wasn’t as hard as I expected for 10,700 ft, and scenery was awe inspiring. The other side was awesome, opening to a big view of the Mirror Lake basin and the 13,000 ft peaks surrounding it. Looked like Glacier NP. Spent some time around Mirror Lake, taking pictures and had lunch. Went down about 3000 ft, and it wasn’t enough! Headwind got to me about 15 miles from E town. Pain. Hot spots on my feet really hurting me. Anyway, I’m waiting for it to cool down enough to go eat at Pedro’s. Got to get out of here early tomorrow.

What wimp wrote this?

View into Mirror Lake basin from Bald Mtn Pass

The parting of the waters

Probably my best lunch spot of the tour, Mirror Lake Scenic Hwy

Alpine splendor!

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